Meet the Council

Council is the ruling body of the GTC, as defined in the GTC Constitution. It consists of up to 20 members, elected at the AGM or co-opted. Full Council members are unpaid, except for expenses; members who are paid for providing a service may also be Council members.

The current Council (2014–2016) was elected at the 2014 GTC AGM held in Aynho on Sunday 18 May 2014. A new Council will be elected at the GTC AGM on Sunday 22 May 2016.

Honorary President: John Henshall

Chairman: Keith Massey

Secretary (interim): Peter Rance

Treasurer: Simon Roe

Council and other officials 2014–16 (alphabetical)

Alison Chapman
Zerb Managing Editor/
Website Administrator 

Alison Chapman

I have been on the GTC Council since 1992.

I worked at Thames TV, firstly as a picture researcher, before training as a camera operator. After completing the Technical Training Scheme, I went into the Thames Teddington camera department, where I worked for seven years, as well as on OBs and The Bill. I was awarded a GTC. After Thames lost its franchise in 1992 I continued working as a freelance cameraman on both tape and video.

I now work mainly in publishing, including managing Zerb for the GTC. I have been involved with Zerb since guest editing an issue back in 1994 and have also been content editor and administrator for this website since 2007.

Other roles for the GTC include Mail Chimp email commuications and involvement with GTC digital publications.

Alan Duxbury
Education Officer / Bill Vinten GTC University Award Director

I worked in studios and OBs before becoming a lighting cameraman with the BBC Film Unit and went freelance in 2002. Having worked in most television genres, I specialise in documentary work.

I organise the Bill Vinten GTC University Awards film competition for students and have been developing a practical test of undergraduate craft skills and abilities. I now have the role of Education Officer on the Council and can be contacted on: or

Simon Edwards
Awards Organiser

I have been working in the camera department for nearly 25 years, always freelance, on everything from feature films to multi-camera OBs, gradually working my way up to being a lighting cameraman.

As a lighting cameraman I feel very strongly that we need to be maintaining and improving standards across our craft, and helping to maintain the position of our technicians as among the best in the world.

Working with the Education Officer, using my recent teaching qualification, I hope to use my time on Council to help promote and improve the training on offer for camera technicians.

 James French
Sponsorship and Advertising Manager

James French

I have been a freelance Lighting Cameraman since 2001, working for a wide variety of clients in studios, on OBs and as a PSC cameraman.

I have been involved with the GTC Council for around 30 years, in a variety of roles, including International Organiser, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Database Designer, GTC Newsletter Editor, Awards Organiser and Vice Chairman.

My current role is to liaise with our sponsors and recruit new ones, as well as selling advertising for Zerb, GTC In Focus, this website and our news emails.

Contact: 07855 743845

James Fulcher
Vice Chairman

James Fulcher

I am Vice Chairman of the GTC. Within the GTC my focus is on introducing new members and helping maintain high standards within broadcast camerawork. 

I have worked extensively around the globe in some of the world's most challenging and unpredictable environments across 40 countries. With no formal training, I have learned the ropes of the television industry as a craft based on high standards and integrity.

Laurie Gilbert
International Representative


After a Royal Scholarship to study at the London Film School in 1970, Laurie K Gilbert s.o.c. began his career as a film news cameraman in New Zealand, followed by a decade as a current affairs cameraman for a variety of Australian television networks.

Going freelance in 1985 he became an offshore marine and helicopter aerial expert shooting global sailing films with Roy E Disney and has been specialist cameraman on a multitude of events such as the Olympics Regatta, the Americas Cup, the TRANSPAC and the Kenwood Cup.  

He has established global production companies in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Malaysia.

Neil Harrison
Council Member


Drew Hartley
Awards Officer

Drew Hartley

Drew, an ex News stringer and now disabled cameraman working in local television in Yorkshire on vox pops, news, local interest films and such, has been with the GTC since 1996.

Drew has strong links with the unions and is a great advocate of on-the-job training and mentoring. 

He began his career as a follow spot operator and technician, then moved into the corporate sector of TV as a bag man/assistant during the Beta SP era, before later transferring into Broadcast News. He is fully conversant with all industry formats right up to present day.

Having been GTC Awards and Education Officer, Drew now assists on various sub-committees and continues to be heavily involved in the Awards structure. 

John Henshall
Honorary President

John Henshall


Whilst a BBC cameraman in the 1960s and 1970s, I met Dick Hibberd and helped him establish the Guild in 1972, serving on our first council.
I left the BBC in 1976 to run my camera effects company, Telefex, and to work as a freelance Director of Photography on some of the earliest music videos. I formed my own group of DoPs, our work including MTV Europe for its first 10 years. Other credits include Channel 4's Network Seven, ITV's Spitting Image and many other programmes and commercials.
More recently, I have been heavily involved in the emerging field of digital imaging since its birth, organising conferences in the US and consulting for major imaging companies.
I am immensely proud to have been made Honorary President of the Guild in succession to Dick Hibberd and to be able to support all the dedicated people who run the GTC on a daily basis.

Max Hodgetts
Carnet Liaison /
PAT Liaison

Now in my 24th year in the broadcast industry, 17 of which have been as a freelancer, I’m a lighting cameraman with discipline in OB and studio multi-camera. I work for broadcasters, independent production companies and corporate clients both here in the UK and around the world.

I started my career as a camera assistant and quickly made the grade of cameraman at a film company in West London, handling everything from film to video and live camerawork and enjoying the job I had wanted to do from a young age.

I’m very passionate about our craft and believe in training for the next generation of camera operators.

I am currently the GTC Carnet / PAT Officer and help out behind the scenes when work permits.

Craig Kelly
International Representative

US-based Craig Kelly’s career has included over 4000 live shows, events and concerts in most areas of broadcasting, corporate TV and sports production since 1977.  He is also involved in ministry based events and non-profit organizations, as well as having produced and directed the internationally distributed DVD: Eric Burdon and the Animals – Yes, You Can Go Home Again - shot on location in England.

As a freelance cameraman and DoP, he shot sports and corporate video for over 20 years and still shoots occasionally. Kelly has filmed in over 25 countries - from the Olympics to the Promise Keepers tour, to the peaks of the Alps and the jungles of Sri Lanka.

These days he is involved in speaking, workshops and writing for TV camera operators as well as directing. He recently launched a blog at for new camera operators and has a training DVD in production. You can reach Craig

Craig says - I’m excited to be involved with the GTC as an international representative. I think our practice of advice, help and training for new operators - by sharing what it means to be a professional in our business - is the only way of preserving our craft and guarding against non-professionals diluting the industry.

Keith Massey

My first piece of film was shown in 1964 on Granada TV after my return from Borneo covering the war with Indonesia as a stills photographer. Next, some footage of a friend catching a 42lb salmon in the River Vosso in Norway was aired on Tyne Tees. I started to contribute to BBC Manchester on a regular basis and when offered a staff job on the Daily Mail as a photographer, or a contract with the BBC (just two days a week), I chose TV.

I have worked across all genres– news, documentary and drama (both film and video), receiving RTS awards in all these fields.

I have been freelance since 1970 and still work odd days so keep up with developments and fully appreciate the pressures we are all going through. I started with a clockwork 16 mm camera and have ended up on HD!

I hope to bring experience to the GTC and to defend the status of cameramen in all production areas - live events, studio, documentary, drama - all are important in television. My aim is to encourage excellence in all fields with younger members. Mediocrity is not an option in my book and I would like to see the GTC being more assertive towards protecting quality. I like to think I am a team person and will try to bring strong positive leadership to the GTC along with my colleagues on Council.

Ray Meier
Exhibitions Manager

Ray Meier

After coming to England from Switzerland in 1962, where I was employed as a qualified optical engineer, I worked for companies selling broadcast level cameras, both 16mm and 35mm film at first, then television, with all ancillary equipment such as lenses, camera supports, robotic, lighting, microwave, sound, editing etc. Through many demonstrations in the field and in studios, I came to understand and appreciate the difficulties of the work of the cameraman.

Most of those companies supported the GTC with advertising and various forms of sponsorship and, after I retired in 2001, I was delighted to be offered Honorary Membership for having supported the GTC over my 40 years' employment in England. 

Shortly after becoming an Honorary Member, I agreed to act as Exhibition Manager, a role which I fulfilled for 9 years until Dudley Darby volunteered to take over in 2010. When Dudley stood down last year, I resumed the role of Exhibition Manager and will look forward to again representing the GTC at the exhibitions.

James Milligan
Forum Moderator /
IT Administrator

I'm an IT and media professional, working as a freelancer on many different types of show and have been with the GTC since 2011. I've grown our social media presence online using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and taken on the role of administering the members' forum. With the help of many others, this year I helped live stream the GTC Awards for the first time in our history. 

Having recently graduated university, I'm now in a position to help the GTC Council, members and partners communicate more efficiently through the use of IT, as well as continue to help represent the GTC throughout the industry. As part of the 2014–2016 Council, I intend to spread awareness of the GTC in student TV stations across the country by developing a relationship with the executive at the National Student Television Association.

Clive North
Workshop Organiser

Clive North

I'm a freelance documentary lighting cameraman, working mainly in broadcast science and history programmes with my own Panasonic HPX 3700 P2 Varicam kit.

Since taking over the role of Workshops Organiser I’ve rather cheekily tried to set up the kind of workshops that I would find of interest and benefit. From camera testing to lighting, helicopter shooting, 3D training, Health & Safety to business seminars. I'm always on the lookout for what is topical and of benefit to the members – after all I am one too!

Chris Owen
Awards Officer

I have worked at ITV for all of my camera career, starting with Thames at Teddington and then LWT just before they moved from Wembley to the South Bank. I have had spells in single camera work, outside broadcasts and location management but latterly specialised in multi-camera studio work.

I was a Studio Camera Supervisor for 15 years before becoming The London Studios/ITV's Head of Camera and Sound, a role I still maintain. 

Rex Palmer
Membership Officer

Rex Palmer

I worked for the BBC from 1963 to 1996, initially at TV Centre, then at London Outside Broadcasts where I became a Camera Supervisor before going freelance.  

Most of my work now is as one of the cameramen covering the Formula One Grand Prix races all over the world.

As Membership Officer it's my job to vet all membership applications to make sure that they are eligible and are joining at the appropriate grade. I also assist the Administration Officer in the task of checking up on lapsed members and in trying to persuade resigning members to reconsider.

Peter Rance
Equipment Review Coordinator/Secretary

Starting in the BBC straight from college, I was paid to be a Trainee Assistant Cameraman. Changed days!

I’ve now been a freelance lighting cameraman for 30 years working in broadcast and corporate. Always owning my own kit, I started with my own 16mm Aaton (still the best ever camera to use) and then inevitably going through several flavours of video.

My post on the GTC council is Review Co-ordinator, liaising between manufacturers and suppliers and our members, with the aim of producing useful reviews for readers of Zerb and GTC In Focus

The rate of change of kit, has become fast and furious but hopefully I’ll be able to get our members first in line to try out the new stuff.

Roger Richards
GTC Membership Administrator /
Editor, GTC In Focus

I joined HTV in 1971 as a trainee assistant cameraman in the film department and, over the next 20 years, worked my way up to lighting cameraman. I became freelance in 1991 as a lighting cameraman and director of photography.

I became editor of the GTC Newsletter in 2004, renaming it GTC In Focus and, in April 2011, I was appointed GTC Membership Administrator. At the 2014 AGM I was also elected Secretary.

Simon Roe

Simon Roe

Simon is Head of Cameras and Managing Director at
Zest4.TV Limited, which specialises in providing camera and post-production facilities to the live event industry.

He has been a professional cameraman for over 9 years
and now also multi-skills as an editor, director/vision mixer and engineer.

Simon has been the GTC’s Treasurer since 2010 and is the guardian of ensuring that the GTC’s money is spent wisely for the benefit of its members.

 Brian Rose
Welfare Officer

Brian Rose

After serving as Standards Officer, Manufacturers' Liaison Officer, Vice Chairman and more recently Chairman, I decided to step back and take on the newly formed task of Welfare Officer.

This entails working on the GTC's relationship with various charities, giving members the chance to put something back into society. I'm particularly gratified that so many members have already volunteered.

I'm now a very busy ‘retiree', having previously worked as a consultant, technical manager and lighting cameraman, working in features, documentaries, drama and corporate television.

I look forward to continuing to serve on Council, supporting the members and the television industry.

John Rossetti
Liaison with other professional organisations

John gained his experience from working as a cameraman in BBC films, news and current affairs. He has worked for ITV and many overseas news organisations. He was Technical Instructor at BBC Production Training and has his own lighting company.

John currently specialises in lighting commercials in the USA and lighting studios in the UK.

 John Tarby
Council Member

John Tarby

John Tarby, former Vice Chairman of the Guild of Television Cameramen, is a Documentary Lighting Cameraman in Central London working in both broadcast and business television who also works as stereographer and cinematography tutor.

A qualified photographer when it was trendy in the late 1960s, he learned cinematography, on the job, whilst working first for the Royal Aircraft Establishment and later for Unilever Research.

He became a freelance televison cameraman in the 1980s and also helped start the Electronic Camera Company, one of London's first broadcast videofilming facilities, still operating in East London.

John became a Council Member in 2004 and managed the annual awards event for six years. It was transformed from a rural retreat to a city celebration with steadily increasing attendances. It remains the prime thing the Guild does which demonstrates to the wider television community the benefits of employing professional TV cameramen and GTC members in particular.

Richard van Nijnatten
International Representative

I'm located in The Netherlands and since 2011 one of the International Representatives of the Guild of Television Cameramen.

I started my professional career as cameraman in the mid-80s and I have broad experience in the areas of documentary film, TV news and current affairs, sports, corporate communication and training/education/awareness programmes. Over the years I also developed my skills as a Steadicam and Polecam operator, and in video editing and directing. Nowadays I work as Creative Media Manager for an international organisation, and I own a small production company. Alongside that I am the distributor of Polecam products for The Netherlands.

As International Representative I will try to expand the international character of the Guild in two ways: one being the promotion of the GTC in other countries, especially in areas where cameramen are less united, and the second being the provision of information about our craft and colleagues within countries other than the UK, for example, through stories in our magazine Zerb.